Jean-Marie Massué (Jim)

Jean-Marie Massué created his own company in Cannes in May 1978 to offer measure-made aquariums. Therapist, biologist, designer, expert and consultant, he has by now more a 44 years professional know-how and his talented skills are able to satisfy the highest standards. He collaborates with numerous museums and participates in several important operations. His prestigious constructions in France and all over the World as well as the ingenuity of his creations brought him several awards.

Julien Massué (Juma)

Professional diver , Juma live a real passion for the animal world. During his travels , he lurned more about the animals’s behavior. Since 20 years he is doing differents projects in the Middle East and in other areas all over the world.


Fabyenne Massué

Management and administration manager.

Morgan Massué ( MO MA )

Discovering Morgan: Versatile and Creative Artist

Meet Morgan, an exceptional multi-talented craftsman who fuses art and technology to create captivating works. Specialized in the creation of resin decors, Morgan shapes unique spaces that dazzle with their originality.

With an exceptional mastery of the digital tablet, Morgan also excels in the art of drawing and graphics. His artistic work transcends conventional boundaries, capturing the essence of each project in a vibrant and expressive way.

Fluent in English, Morgan is an exceptional communicator, facilitating seamless collaboration with customers around the world. His remarkable sensitivity and empathy shines through in every interaction, creating authentic relationships with those who have the pleasure of working with him.

Although sensitive by nature, Morgan does not shy away from any challenge. If an idea needs to get wet, it dives head first to ensure that each project reaches its full potential. His physical vivacity and commitment to doing things right the first time make him an exceptional and reliable professional.

In short, Morgan embodies artistic excellence and versatility, adding a unique touch to every creation. His passion, dedication and willingness to push the boundaries make him an invaluable collaborator for any artistic project.


Hughes Occipinti

Showroom sales manager , technician engeneer and cichlid’s specialist

Despite his young age , Tom knows how to do many things ! Passionate about diving and the underwater world , he is an indispensable link in the company.